Why I choose doTerra essential oils over everyone else’s

I get asked this question a LOT. So, in case you were wondering why I prefer dōTERRA essential oils:

  • I believe in dōTERRA’s purity – using independent 3rd party testing for every single batch of essential oil.  This beyond-organic-standards quality is what I want for my family. And just who is buying up the batches that don’t pass doTerra’s standards? Hmmm…
  • Each oil is sourced from its native environment. The lavender comes from France, the Frankincense comes from Somalia, Vetier from Haiti, for example. Growing where a plant is indigenous to a region gives it the best therapeutic structure needed to safely and effectively support your body. Did you know you can enter a unique lot number printed on the bottom of your essential oil bottle to track its growth through the testing and get the test results? That’s a really big deal!
  • I love that dōTERRA is committed to working directly with growers to cut out middlemen, pay the growers a fair wage on-time, and grow the crops in a sustainable manner, calling it “Co-Impact Sourcing.”(think fair-trade coffee, but with essential oils) Forbes Magazine article – doTerra reinvents supply chain
  • I love the support! There is SO MUCH info available to us using dōTERRA. There is a never-ending stream of websites, webinars, videos, newsletters, scientific studies and live events for those who want to learn. I’ve learned SO much about essential oils this way, even simply by chatting with other oil users in our large support network available to our wholesale account members. My team specifically provides excellent support!
  • I love dōTERRA’s Wellness Philosophy.  Eat well, sleep enough, exercise, manage your life and stress.  Do your best to learn to take care of yourself with informed self-care, then seek proactive professional care.

wellness-pyramidThere are other factors too, once I decided I was interested in building a home-based business. There are a lot of great reasons why doTerra is ranked in the top 10 of best employers in 2016, and their compensation plan is unbeatable!

Drop me a line if you’d like to chat about any of this further!

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dōTERRA means “Gift from the Earth”, and that’s exactly how I envision these superior quality essential oils. Each drop of essential oil helps not only you, but our world communities.


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